Living for Jesus

I was made redundant after working in a company for over 20 years. So, at the age of 56, I faced the prospect of looking for work during an economic downturn. What followed, going to the JobCentre Plus, looking through 1000’s of vacancies, applying for jobs, attending Careers Wales, seeing other agencies, waiting to hear the outcome, hearing that you did not get the job and sometimes not hearing anything at all…

Being unemployed can seem like being excluded as you lose the social contact of the workplace. Whilst going through this experience one of the verses of scripture that was so valuable and powerful to me was Philippians 4v6 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”. Also what encouraged me each day was the truth of who I am in Christ. A standard greeting when meeting people for the first time is “what do you do?”, as your identity can be in the job that you have. As a Christian our value and identity is who we are in Christ; a person with hope, without fear of the unknown.

Before the redundancy happened I knew very distinctly from God that I was not to contest the redundancy; consequently I left on good terms, explaining to work colleagues that I was looking forward to what God had for me in the future. Also I sensed from God that it would be a longer period than a previous time of unemployment, which was 13 months. In addition the job opening was to come from and unexpected source. All of this happened and I write this from a position of having the best job I have ever had.

What encouraged me during 16 months of unemployment? Having a loving and supportive wife, who never complained regarding my life without a job, my children’s good attitude, being part of a church that gives encouragement and prayer support, listening to UCB radio, and knowing each day as being a gift from God.