Recent Media Uploads 
Heatwave 2018 (download)
Christ lives in me: by the Spirit (download)
Paul Armstrong, 10/06/2018
Christ lives in me: Treasuring Christ, treasuring His Word (download)
Paul Armstrong, 03/06/2018
Christ lives in me: His word and His Spirit that dwells in me (download)
Paul Armstrong, 27/05/2018
Worship, weather and a wedding (download)
James Armstrong, 20/05/2018
Habakkuk's prayer (download)
Peter Brind, 13/05/2018
Developing our conscience (download)
David Williams, 06/05/2018
In prayer, believing (download)
Paul Armstrong, 15/04/2018
Resurrection life (download)
Peter Brind, 08/04/2018
Easter message (download)
Steve Harris, 01/04/2018
Renewing our minds in accordance with God's heart for us (download)
Paul Armstrong, 25/03/2018
The greater promise (download)
Steve Harris, 11/03/2018
The supremacy of Christ (download)
James Armstrong, 25/02/2018
Hope (download)
Steve Harris, 18/02/2018
Heart and home (download)
John Williams, 11/02/2018
Developing a heart cry for God (download)
Paul Armstrong, 04/02/2018
Don't be afraid, I am with you (download)
Peter Brind, 28/01/2018
The secret of our light lies in the hidden place (download)
Paul Armstrong, 21/01/2018
The Bible: what is it for? (download)
Steve Brind, 14/01/2018
Persuing Jesus (download)
Pete Reynolds, 07/01/2018