Resting in Christ

A while ago I said that I might blog some details regarding our 'Rest' in Christ. Well here goes...
'Rest' in Christ is a quiet confidence and assurance, a sure and steady confidence in all that the Father is to us in Christ - it is a rest of faith (Heb4:3). It's enjoying His love and acceptance, being satisfied in His fullness poured out for us in Christ Jesus - a basking in His constant favour and goodness towards us.

Here are a few pointers for reflection, this resting place is a place of:
-  Forgiveness, freedom, favour, friendship with God in His love and acceptance out from which we give and serve.
-  Intimacy with Spirit's help to know a true inner witness of ‘Abba, Father’ as His son/daughter - we belong to Him!
-  Strength of faith in overcoming with the Spirit’s help to know the Lordship of Christ – The overcoming power of His resurrection that reigns in us through His gift of grace – overcoming all sin/death/enemy/world in a real and certain way though not in a triumphalist way. That which is born of God overcomes the world (1 John 5:4);
-  Yielding our own strength, ability and wisdom to Him in all situations trusting in (resting, relying on) His power, wisdom and provision that is abundantly pouring out to us through the person of Jesus Christ. Job learnt that the wisdom of God is so far above our own that he acknowledged 'I have declared that which I do not understand, things too wonderful for me which I did not know' (Job 42:3). He learnt to rest in God's infinite care and yield up his own understanding on things. We must yield up our own perspective of what is going on and trust in His unfailing infinite, all-embracing, all-encompassing love.
-  Being filled, satisfied, refreshed with the abundance of His house which releases the fountain of His goodness in us and overflows to worship and  to serve others.
-  Simple obedience to His word.

As Peter learnt on mount of transfiguration when the Father directed his attention to Jesus saying '...listen to Him', saying effectively wait upon His word of direction and rest, trust in Him for your life. This he did when he called upon Jesus to command him to come to Him on the water. He wouldn't go unless he could rest, trust in His word of command for in that word is all sufficiency to bring him through no matter what he faced. Jesus also commended Mary for waiting at His feet resting in His word of life, that word that satisfies and captivates our hearts in His love. It's the fullness of this love that fills our hearts and overflows into fruitful action.
Beloved let us be diligent in the pursuit of this rest as we take hold of His wonderful promises to us in Christ and reach for the goal of the upward call of God that we might know Him and stand in the presence of his glory with great joy.