Bernard's Visit September 2018! 

406025004755432829145356490898It was wonderful to have a visit from Bernard in early September. We were able to share fellowship together and hear wonderful updates and stories about Rhema Junior School. It's incredible to hear all that God is doing in that community in Kampala and we feel so blessed to have this friendship. 

The team that went out to visit in the summer of 2017 were able to take a few trumpets over for the children. It was such a blessing to the children to have an opportunity to learn and play some musical instruments and they have now started a brass band.IMG-20170816-WA0073

We continue to pray for the vision of a school expansion. By 2023 the plan is to have completed the second half of the school building. The school now has both nursery and primary sections. This expansion project will help provide accommodation to at least 200 boarding children. It will also serve to increase the number of children to 500 and help support at least 100 children with free education.